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Our mission is "To add value to member businesses by championing sustainable processes and enforced regulations that deliver safe products and enhance growth, employment and environmental performance".


Our objectives are:

  • To achieve a level playing field globally through fair trade, uniform enforcement of compliance and by leading the standard-setting process
  • To be the voice of the European Fine Chemicals Industry
  • To promote innovation

EFCG helps its members by identifying the key issues and underlying factors that work against delivering a sustainable, competitive and innovative industry. We achieve this by generating a stronger voice through collective action to create a more level playing field on laws and, more importantly, their enforcement; by convincing politicians and regulators to identify with our agenda; and by ensuring a better understanding of our role and value by society. 

Throughout the years, EFCG has developed special relationships with a number of other industry associations to work on common issues. These include APIC – the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Committee, SOCMA – the US-based Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates, IPEC – the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council, and the Rx-360 organisation on pharma supply chain security. In the last couple of years, we have further strengthened our relationship with those associations who represent manufacturers of agrochemical products and pharmaceutical final dosage forms - such as ECPA, EFPIA, EGA and AESGP -  as well as with DG Sante, the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety within the European Commission.

Our actions in the last years have allowed us, in a relatively short amount of time, to positively influence the creation of better regulations and tougher enforcement for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APls) marketed in Europe (Falsified Medicines Directive) and the USA (FDASIA/GDUFA). We were able to develop and expand a set of unique Voluntary Guidelines for non-cGMP substances and a toolkit to facilitate their implementation worldwide.

Through our EFCG REACH Committee, we have reinforced our working relationship with regulators - Commission, ECHA and member state Competent Authorities – and helped develop a practical guidance on the strictly controlled conditions for the manufacture of intermediates. We have also pushed for the creation within Cefic of a REACH Enforcement Group which works to ensure all Member States deliver a level playing field for European manufacturers and importers. This Reach activity allows us to provide useful advice to our members on the management of the issues listed above as well as on issues linked to Authorisation and Restriction of chemical substances.



EFCG’s strategy and work programme are managed by three committees who report to and are directed by the EFCG Board:  Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals & Intermediates and Innovation. The Chairman and Vice Chairman of each committee are also Board members. Committee objectives are achieved via a number of Task Forces made up of member company representatives.


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Latest News

  • In 2004 EFCG raised the first red flags about sub-standard Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) entering Europe from India and China. Twelve years on, it appears that risks to patients from non-compliant bad quality APIs have been substantially reduced and that the playing field is levelling out.


  • EFCG Press Conference CPhI 2015: "API" day for Europe as Big Pharma returns in search of quality (by Dan Stanton)


  • EFCG Press Conference CPhI 2015: Outlook in Europe for API Manufacturers is positive, says EFCG


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