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The European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG) is the representative body for European manufacturers of fine chemicals. Our members include large, medium and small-sized companies, as well as national and European trade associations. We were formed in 2004 to be the focus, the forum and the voice of European fine chemical manufacturers.

Europe is a world leader in fine chemicals. The 150 or so European manufacturers range from smaller, often privately-owned companies to business units of larger companies. Sales range from a few millions to hundred of millions of Euros. They successfully compete in the $85+ billion global market against manufacturers in the USA, Japan and the emerging countries, especially China and India.


We operate as a sector group within CEFIC – the European Chemical Industry Council – based in Brussels who represent over 29,000 chemical companies throughout Europe.

Forthcoming events

2015 Oct 13th:   EFCG Annual Press Conference, CPhI Madrid - contact info@efcg.cefic.be

2015 Oct 14th:   EFCG Annual Dinner at The Prado Museum, Madrid.  Advanced tickets required - contact efcgevent@travelstore.pt

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Latest News

  • The EFCG 8th Annual Dinner will be held on 14/10/2015 at Prado Museum, Madrid, during CPhI Worldwide.


  • 3rd annual Breakfast Briefings (BB) and Press Conference(PC) held at CPhI in Paris today


  • Global harmonisation would help improve supply-chain security and reduce the flow of falisified and sub-standard medicine into Europe.


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