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EFCG was formed in 2004 to be the focus, the forum and the voice of the European fine chemicals manufacturers. We are a non-profit international sector group within Cefic - the Brussels-based European Chemical Industry Council - which represents 29,000 companies producing 17% of the worlds’ chemicals and employing 1.2 million people, contributing €551 billion to the EU economy.

Europe is a world leader in fine chemicals. The 150 or so European manufacturers range from smaller, often privately-owned companies to business units of larger companies. Sales range from a few millions to hundred of millions of Euros. They successfully compete in the $85+ billion global market against manufacturers in the USA, Japan and the emerging countries, especially China and India.


We operate as a sector group within CEFIC – the European Chemical Industry Council – based in Brussels who represent over 29,000 chemical companies throughout Europe.

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  • In 2004 EFCG raised the first red flags about sub-standard Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) entering Europe from India and China. Twelve years on, it appears that risks to patients from non-compliant bad quality APIs have been substantially reduced and that the playing field is levelling out.


  • EFCG Press Conference CPhI 2015: "API" day for Europe as Big Pharma returns in search of quality (by Dan Stanton)


  • EFCG Press Conference CPhI 2015: Outlook in Europe for API Manufacturers is positive, says EFCG


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